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The Community Action League (TCAL) is a community organization that helps low income communities in the Antelope Valley act to fight for their civil rights. Through individual meetings, door knocking, public meetings, and public policy advocacy, TCAL inspires the AV community into action in order to address the problems affecting low income families. We have addressed issues ranging from: section 8 recipient attacks, racial profiling by police and the incessant attacks against our youth in Criminal Justice and Educational system.

TCAL empowers our communities with the information, the principles, and resources needed to achieve health and stability for families, schools, businesses and communities.


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What Our Clients Saying

Emmett Murrell, V Jesse Smith, Pharaoh Mitchell, members of TCAL you stood in the FLAMES alone many days, yet their were so many people in the photo to share credit in the VICTORY. I Know you give God all the glory. I just want to say Thank You for standing.

Robin Tarver

Thank you so much for supporting us I really feel like you are part of our family.

Ebony & Kids

I just wanted to say thank you for being here for my family in their time of need. For you to come in and give your support without even knowing us before all of this shows that you are a very giving and caring person and I thank you for


Pharaoh Mitchell, sadly, too few people understand the joy that comes from helping someone that can't help you back. That's where true peace and love comes from. I heard
you had a cape, but gave it to someone who was cold. Dave Owens
"Your message has reached my heart. I felt like I was dying on the operating table and you just blew life back into me again"

Ms. Taylor

"God has been working!!! Working to show me, shaking me and stirring things up in and around me do that I may wake up so that I can see, embrace the love and the life that's patiently waiting on me. Waiting for me to capture it and fully receive all that I have to give! Thank you to Pharaoh Mitchell


For your patience and kindness, for your invaluable advice and devotion, for showing up in my life, even in the moments when I don't have the strength to show in my own. My deep appreciation, and gratitude is forever extended, Thank you for being a true friend.


You are awesome Pharaoh!

Elena Montgomery

Awe! this is! if you want to make a positive input, then it's time to get it started there is money to be made right from your own ideas, marketing, education & self-help, come join now! we are looking forward to meeting new people, you have a chance to be heard, it's all up to you, are you go-getter? We want to hear from you! Thank you Pharaoh Mitchell you put it down on this video. That's how we get it started.
Thank you!

Toni Clark

I have to praise a gentleman named Pharaoh Mitchell of TCAL who steered a lawsuits against the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, California for discrimination in how Section 8 recipients were being handled by law enforcement. That lawsuit opened PANDORA'S BOX. Sometimes people stand with you; sometimes people stand against you out of jealousy and wanting you to fail. But I tell people like Mitchell that God always stands with you so to heck with everyone else. Do what you believe God has called you to do, KEEP IT REAL, and make your contribution to your community and to our youth.


Wow I just had a great eye opening experience while talking with Pharaoh Mitchell. His advice was on hit. He made me see myself in a whole new light. I know that when I link up with his organization I should be equip with a tool-chest for success!! Nice chatting with you Pharaoh and thanks again....

Mira ArimYah Fitzpatrick

Let's have a BIG shout out to our own Pharaoh Mitchell on this holiday for all his ideas, vision, work, mentoring, efforts and endurance in making the AV and the whole darn world a better place for ALL us critters on this planet. His "hands on always" benefits us in ways he doesn't always see. Your work does make a difference, Pharaoh. Don't give up on us!


I would like to thank T-CAL for all their help during an ordeal that happened on 12/16/10 that changed my life. I myself and my children have struggled dealing with being victims of harassment by the Housing Authority and the Sheriff's dept. T-CAL has been with us from the beginning helping us to fight for our rights as citizens in the Antelope Valley. We were glad to know we had the support of the community in our flight against injustice. T-CAL helped me to remain strong for my children and although my nightmare is not over, I feel relief in what has been accomplished. We now must continue to fight and show that we will not lye down when it comes to injustice but rise together as one. Thank You.

Denetha Estell

You keep doing what you're doing Pharaoh. Continue to be the voice that we need to help our people.

Hansley Kay

Never apologize for being YOU and being the benevolent spirit that you are. Giving back sees no color only Grace. You are a ROCK STAR!

Vernita Scott-Flanton

Like I always say about you Pharaoh Mitchell, if we only had a million more just like you!!

Jeannie Stroup

I just want to thank you for the superb marketing you did on behalf of Heights of Greatness Leadership Institute. The Business Leadership and Public Speaking flyers were of supreme quality. Your eagle focused eye zoned in on exactly what we wanted to offer our targeted audience, and the words you used on the flyer brought more attention to our seminars than we had anticipated. The Prosperity Network will serve as our marketing resource from now on. Again, thank you for your excellent work. I will refer your extreme professional and marketing services to all of my business associates. Keep up the great work.

V. Jesse Smith, President, Heights of Greatness Leadership Institute

As well as you know there's a lot of fakes out there & you my friend aren't one of the fakes. His HEART is BIG!!! There ain't nobody gonna take that from him!!! He's often burning the candle at both ends. A lot of work with very minimal praise. Pharaoh... Keep your head up Brotha. When you get all f.......d up in the head & tired. Go look at those smiles you bring on all those ppl you have helped out. And be careful of all those hugs so that they don't squeeze a brotha to death!!! 🙂
Pharaoh... Stay strong your peeps need you!!!


You are one in a million. God bless you.

Joyce Ricks

Help Celebrate With Me This Awesome Man With A Pure Heart.
May God Continue To Richly Bless You Pharaoh Mitchell. I Pray You Have Many Many More Birthdays. I Salute You.
This Man Saved My Life When I Was About To Give Up And Loose My Mind. He Took Me Back To An Incident When I Was A Child And Never Forgave That Person. As An Adult The Bitterness And Pain Was Destroying Me As An Adult. But Pharaoh Discerned My Pain And Helped Me Get Set Free.
My Life Hasn't Been The Same.
I.Could Never Pay Him For Just Listening And Being Honest.
A True Friend Communicates What You Need To Hear To Help You Get Delivered. Not What You Just Want To Hear.
Respectfully Submitted. To A Man of Intelligent and Intellectual Sound. A Real Friend.
Your Community Loves You And Appreciates All You Do.
Please Allow Someone To Serve You!

Charlotte Sydnor

You rock, Pharaoh!


A Must read for Clarity and Growth of the Soul learn to move forward in Ease and Grace it IS possible I already know of the Truth Pharaoh has written from an open heart filled with experience and Love for All.
YOU will be Blessed for you are an Angel.

Lady Darshana

Thank you, so much from the bottom of my heart.

Carol & Family

Thank you for taking the time today to help my family, I cannot tell you how heartfelt your actions made me feel. I have learned so much lately and one thing I've learned is that there are still people in the world that love and care about others. You happen to be one of those people. I feel very blessed to have met you!
Thank you again!

Tina M. Ketcher-Stone

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Reform Policing in AV

Antelope Agreement 4-28-15

Department of Justice came down from Washington to attend TCAL’s Community Engagement  Meeting #1 with over 300 people in attended

December 13, 2011

TCAL, families, activists unite to demand accountability in deputy-involved shootings

February 8, 2012


Hoodie March

Antelope Valley 2012

Report 2011-2012

TCAL Community Engagement Meeting 2 ~ Community Leadership

(TCAL meeting April 5, 2012)

Community Engagement Conference ~ Community Leadership Organizing Round Table
3 ~ April 28, 2012

TCAL Community Forum

September 2011

When Good Things Needs To happen
Good People Show Up!


Crime Prevention and Intervention Conference

June 23, 2012

Back to school Backpack give-away with One Way Up
August 18, 2012
The City of Lancaster and TCAL vow to work together
October 10, 2012

NLSLA Community Service Award ~ For their courage and unwavering commitment to protect the civil rights and liberties of children and families of the Antelope Valley

October 13, 2012

AV Press The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division issued its finding 
July 3, 2013
 TCAL in Cali. City Grass-root organizing at its best!
July 27, 2013
TCAL and its alliance of members and partners which constitute an influential network of organizations at the local level, and span the spectrum of civil society including: civil society networks and organizations; trade unions; faith-based networks; professional associations; capacity development organizations and other agencies; businesses; and social responsibility programs. TCAL has worked to strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the Antelope Valley, especially in areas where participatory democracy and citizens’ freedoms are threatened.

The Antelope Valley Sheriff’ Department and The Department of Justice. The DOJ will monitor “Unlawful Policing”. The Community Action League Community Town Hall meeting.

June 3, 2015

The Community Seeks Justice  ~ TCAL seeks justice for Yolanda Davis mother of Micheal Davis who was shot six times over a confrontation involving his dog.

July 3, 2015

Our Sponsors

The Community Action League (TCAL) extends heartfelt appreciation to our valued sponsors and funders for their unwavering support throughout the years. Their generous contributions have played a pivotal role in enabling our organization to fulfill its mission of empowering and uplifting communities. It is through their financial support and belief in our vision that we have been able to provide essential programs and services to those in need. Their commitment to social impact and dedication to improving lives have been instrumental in driving positive change and creating opportunities for individuals and families. We are immensely grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing our collective efforts in making a lasting difference in the communities we serve.