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Strong on-the-ground, TCAL has had, organizing, townhall meetings, know your rights, press conference etc. We give voice to the issues through research and advocacy, bring together community leaders to provide solutions, and engage organizations through offer an extensive array of community informational resources.

Our Community Hub The Age of Digital Empowerment

TCAL is creating innovative local community online hubs and programs. With our collective energy, innovation and commitment we can overcome these challenges and create a community where everyone can thrive. Leverage the power of new forms of social media to support users in gathering and understanding local information.” Our Community Hub is a “virtual town hall space” to share and discuss local information and increase community engagement. Our Community Hub will create community-owned, living information repositories that will provide much-needed context behind the people, places, and events that shape our communities.

Online search and social media—The TCAL website will help to aggregate attention, highlight important civic information and activities and map public information resources. Our Community Hub website will be well-publicized portal that points to the full array of local information resources. These include government data feeds, local forums, community e-mail list serves, local blogs, local media, events calendars, and civic information. We will create metrics and measure demands and needs. A needs assessment will be conducted within each community to determine what its informational needs are and what kind of hub(s) can address them.

Our goal is to create a “toolbox” that will help underserved communities. While there is no one best model for each community, a “toolbox” approach is being developed to help our underserved communities. It will include a variety of tools and useful advice to help residents access information about their government and local communities.

The Toolkit will include a Community Information Scorecard to help a community assess its information and use this information to guide action to strengthen the community’s information system.

TCAL Fighting for the rights of children

TCAL Justice Forum Sep. 2011

For your patience and kindness, for your invaluable advice and devotion, for showing up in my life, even in the moments when I don't have the strength to show in my own. My deep appreciation, and gratitude is forever extended, Thank you for being a true friend


I would like to thank our Armor Of God Pharaoh Mitchell, you were there from the beginning to the end, It's not your words it's your Action's. Thanks Pharaoh.

Tanya Andrus

TCAL Press Conference Sep. 2011

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