Community Organizing-Organizing the community to take action to protect the civil rights of low-income people in the AV.

Community Education

Grassroots Policy-Developing the policy that promotes opportunities for affordable housing, education, livable wages and employment.

Collaborative Partnerships

TCAL has engaged in a variety of collaborative arrangements to integrate the staff, community expertise, or facilities of other agencies to improve direct community services and activities in partnership with community groups.

Creating Inspirational Treasures In Youth

The goal of the program is to provide occupational training construction skills and on-the-job-experience as well as basic educational services and leadership development counseling. Participants in the program will encourage high-risk youth, who might have otherwise become involved in risky behaviors, to turn their life in a positive direction.

Elevating Leadership Impact on The Economy

A program whose mission is for economic development that  support start- up businesses  for permanent job creation for low- or moderate-income individuals and families. This project will increase our economic development capacity, turn a vacant building into a community resource, attract new and expanding businesses, create jobs, and expand much needed educational, child care and youth services.


The program helps teens learn to take responsibility for their choices and develop a positive self concept, enabling them to learn to hope, dream, and work toward a happy, meaningful, and successful life Pathways is an adolescent program dedicated to helping troubled teens find the pathway back to happiness and family harmony. The program provides the multiple benefit of modeling, mentoring, and learning coping skills. After release, minor is able to continue the association with those benefits.

Parenting Plus

The purpose of these workshops for parents is to teach them better coping strategies, communication  skills, and to strengthen bonds between family members. This allows the minor to return to a family  that has done some healing thus providing a more supportive environment that will help the minor stay out of trouble. TCAL and businesses are working together to give families access to asset development services and programs, including self-employment or microenterprise training and technical assistance. 


The way we clean up our community is through home ownership and New cooperative housing unit (the tenants own the housing units). The purpose of this program is to work collaboratively with key community agencies to implement a comprehensive preventive intervention designed to improve educational outcomes, parenting skills and general well-being, and to reduce substance use and repeat adolescent childbearing.

Destiny’s Riders

Destiny Riders is a car club and entrepreneur training course for inter-city youth with the main focus on direct gang intervention, community clean-up, self-awareness classes, parent support groups and gives our youth something to do to stay out of trouble.

Seniors First

With people living longer in their homes, often far removed from loved ones, communities are essentially taking over the role families used to play. We have an obligation to help our neighbors,”

Whether through informal arrangements or organized neighborhood watch groups, community members will join forces to provide food, transportation, household maintenance, and companionship for the aging and infirm. Suggestions include planting flowers, sharing picnic lunches, or helping with “light spring cleaning tasks.” We will provide seniors with volunteer services ranging from help with home electronics to dog-walking to picking up prescriptions. 

Father’s Inc.

The mission of father’s Inc. is to enhance the outcomes of children, families and communities by being supporting fathers to children that don’t have a male figure in their lives. The object is to break the cycle of generational poverty, provide information training and encouragement to fathers and families. Our goal is to “connect children and fathers” by promoting responsible fathering and helping equip men to become better fathers or father-figures.

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